What is SumQuest?

SumQuest is an addition-based game designed with the aim of boosting mental math ability. There are numerous versions of the game which can be played and which cater for various age and skill levels.

How can I play it?

You can download the Mobile Game App for free from the Google Play Store, the iStore or from Facebook.

Is SumQuest available as a board game?

Whilst SumQuest was initially conceived as a board game, currently it is only available as a Mobile Game App. But the aim is to make the board game available in the near future.

I am interested in rolling out the Mobile Game App to our school or using it for educational initiatives. Who do I contact to discuss this in more detail?

Please send an email to our Support Team

I am experiencing issues with the Mobile Game App. Who do I contact to report the issues I am experiencing?

Please send an email to our Support Team advising of the issues you are experiencing so that these can be logged and addressed.

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