Why are Maths Skills Important? According to the website NCChomelearning.co.uk, Maths helps to increase your brain power – Research has shown that people who study maths have higher grey matter volume that those who don’t. Maths knowledge also allows you to connect different regions of the brain more easily, thus improving all aspects of your cognition. And according to blog.mindresearch.org, a solid foundation in mathematics and science develops and hones the skills of posing hypotheses, designing experiments and controls, analyzing data, recognizing patterns, seeking evidence, conclusions, and proof, solving problems, and seeking absolutes, while being open to new information. How to Get Better at Maths? Maths Apps and games have a sneaky ability to make learning fun and easy, building on concepts slowly over time. As with anything, the more often you practice your maths skills, the better you will get and the more natural it will feel. SumQuest, an addition-based game designed with the aim of boosting mental maths ability, is the perfect brain game for you to practice your maths skills.