SumQuest is an addition-based game designed with the aim of boosting mental maths ability. There are numerous versions of the game which can be played, which caters for all age and skill levels.

SumQuest was created by Gary Millichip in response to declining maths performance worldwide, but especially in South Africa, and the impact that this is likely to have in the future on professions such as the Chartered Accountancy and Engineering professions (refer recent articles such as Why South Africa’s Declining Math Performance is a Worry and Hundreds of Schools in South Africa are Dropping Maths).

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Short games, particularly those played with cards and dice, are very accessible to younger learners and can aid in the development of core number skills, mental agility and fluency in number. Mathematical games are ‘activities’ which involve a mathematical challenge, are governed by a set of rules and have a clear underlying structure, normally have a distinct finishing point and have specific mathematical cognitive objectives (Way, J (2013) “Learning Mathematics Through Games Series” on the University of Cambridge NRICH website).


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