According to Gamelearn, the game helps and motivates to complete tasks which are, in theory, not so interesting. Game-based learning (GBL) is a more effective training methodology than e-learning. We all like to play, and that preference for a fun environment makes learning games a fantastic asset for training. Many schools use games, for example, to teach mathematics; a subject that is often a source of frustration in the classroom. GBL has proved to be a particularly effective technique for dealing with exact sciences. We adults can use learning games for adults in order to learn and stimulate our cognitive functions. Learning is very important for the personal and professional development of a person. Understanding the content is crucial in this learning process. Only if we feel we understand what we learn, will we be really motivated and committed to achieving the best results. Game-based learning, when compared to traditional learning…

  • Increases up to a 20% self-confidence of the student.
  • Improves by an 11% conceptual knowledge.
  • Increases by a 90% retention of learned content.
  • Achieves a 20% more practical knowledge.
  • Increases by a 300% the number of completed tasks.

In short, thanks to the game, the students (whether adults or mere math students) keep a positive state of mind, which would not be possible to maintain with traditional methods. These methodologies help us train and develop our memory, attention span, planning, conflict resolution ability, etc.

SumQuest, an addition-based game designed with the aim of boosting mental maths ability, caters for all age and skill levels and is the perfect game to give your brain a workout and is free to download. Click on the links on the homepage or visit to download from the iStore and to download from the Play Store. Don’t forget to rate and review SumQuest in the Stores!