4 Reasons to Promote Math Success through Games

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4 Reasons to Promote Math Success through Games


Why do educators try to use games for learning, especially with math content? According to Mind Research Institute, there is a difference in achievement when students are engaged and participating. The best kind of game-based math learning will actually boost students’—and teachers’—ability to reason, understand underlying concepts and find solutions to complex math problems. Here are some reasons to work toward creating transformative game-based learning opportunities:

  1. Mind-Body Connection

One of the main benefits of playing math games is in the amount of retention it creates.

  1. Reaching Students At All Levels

Teachers are noticing an increase in the numbers of students who need extra help, as well as a wider gap between the kids who easily understand the math concepts and those who don’t. Math games are an effective strategy for closing the gap. Software games, that are truly personalized to each individual students’ learning path allow for meaningful gains in learning, without always having to be in groups leveled by ability.

  1. Professional Growth for Educators

Students depend on teachers to continue to strive toward using the best methods for the current population of students while improving on the methods they hold in their toolboxes.

  1. Developing a Love for Math

Kids respond to learning when engaged, challenged and enjoying their tasks. Game-based learning has been an integral part of student development for years, yet Educators don’t give it the support it deserves for the level of knowledge-growth it creates.

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