According to, there are 5 ways that games can help you with stress and improve mindfulness:

  1. Your brain on autopilot—a meditation technique

Mindful meditation can help improve focus, cognitive flexibility, relationship satisfaction, and reduce stress. This state of mindfulness is one many gamers effortlessly and unintentionally achieve while they’re solving puzzles.

  1. A break from life’s challenging goals

Games provide instant gratification, which can be a swift respite for those leading demanding lives. This may be why more than 60 percent of CEOs, CFOs, and other executives take breaks at work every day to play games, including classic and free online games.

  1. An expression of creativity and freedom

Finding ways to express ourselves can be challenging. Open-ended games let players build and manipulate the game world to make something fun, beautiful, or unique.

  1. A release of dopamine, the “happiness hormone”

Dopamine is released when people play video games, making them a cost-effective and easily accessible way to brighten your day. In moderation, this can be used to help us “recharge” before rejoining the real world.

  1. A social playground of like-minded individuals

Humans are social animals, and one of our most fundamental needs is to feel connected to others. Gaming creates a social environment that encourages interaction.

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