According to an article by the University of Melbourne, the profound changes in our lifestyle due to COVID-19 social distancing may require us to take more deliberate actions to exercise our thinking skills. Scientists use the term “cognitive reserve” to describe the general tendency of our memory and thinking skills to be more resilient in people who routinely engage in cognitively challenging activities like education or learning new skills. Most of the activities we carry out in our daily lives rely on a several brain or cognitive functions, including memory, language, planning and speed of processing among others. A diversity of activities gives maximum opportunity to practice many important thinking skills. Set a ‘brain workout’ session of 30-60 minutes every other day and try to keep the workout constant during that time. Think of it as taking your brain to the gym. SumQuest, an addition-based game designed with the aim of boosting mental maths ability and caters for all age and skill levels, is the perfect game to give your brain a workout and is free to download. Click on the links on the homepage or visit to download from the iStore and to download from the Play Store. Download today, play and give your brain a boost!